Hewitt on Giuliani-Robertson

He thinks - surprise! - it's not a big deal. The key reassurer of Christianists about Giuliani is someone else:

The fellow who matters most to Giuliani's campaign to win over values voters is Ted Olson, followed by Ted Olson, followed by Ted Olson. Christian conservatives know that John Paul Stevens is 87; Justice Ginsberg 74; Justices Scalia and Kennedy 71; Justice Breyer 69 and Justice Souter 68. Ted Olson is easily the most respected conservative lawyer in the United States and a big Rudy supporter. If Giuliani is going to bring large numbers of conservative activists to his banner, he needs to keep the change facing the Supreme Court front and center. Pat Robertson doesn't matter. The age of the six justices does.

I think Hewitt is largely right about this. I'd back Romney over Giuliani in a heartbeat. Romney may be without principles but he is not without decency. (It behooves me to note, on behalf of all canines - yes, the beagles are clear on this -  that Stephen Bainbridge disagrees with me on this one.)