Hence Huckabee's Appeal, I Guess

"Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. Giuliani won’t fire a pedophile priest from his payroll no matter how it might look for his campaign. He pushed his incompetent, mobbed-up henchman for Homeland Security Secretary and, terrifyingly, almost got his wish. He blew 9/11 when he ignored advice and based his emergency command center in the WTC. Why? Apparently so that he could use the lavishly furnished site as an adulterous love nest. The guy has a messianic infallibility complex that would make the President blush.

I can sort of get the 9/11 aura that convinced the GOP to let Giuliani throw his hat in the ring, but at some point the party needs to think about staging an intervention. With Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley (and, soon, practically the entire Alaskan Congressional delegation) so fresh in the nation’s memory is this guy really the best face that the GOP can put forward?" - Tim F at Balloon Juice.