Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Andrew, I'm going to hurl if you don't get off this Ron Paul bandwagon.  Aside from the fact he's a whackjob on economic issues, and hopelessly naiive on foreign policy, he is surrounded by really serious hate groups. Visit David Dukes site or the Stormfront site and note the RP columns and endorsements. This isn't some innocent eccentric Congressman riding a popular wave, it is tapping into a very sinister side of the US electorate.

Try to engage the Paulistas on any subject and within 5 minutes they are talking about international bankers, the Trilateral Commission and the CFR.  And if you encourage them just a little they'll be talking about the Jews and their control of the US government, and before you know it they're off to the races.  Freemasons, Illuminati, the guy on the grassy knoll…..its all there.

I fear you are letting Paul's (ignorant and unreasoned) opposition to the war make you a cheerleader based on the "my enemy's enemy is my friend" theory.  He is not your friend, not a friend of this country.