Debate Round-Up

Fred calls it for Huckabee:

He’s genial, funny, extremely likable, and not very substantive.

Poifect. Malkin:

Romney looked strong and energetic, with one stumble on the Bible question. Huckabee didn’t harm himself, so he “wins” by not losing. McCain and Thompson were lethargic, with a few lucid moments each.

David Kuo:

Mike Huckabee is on a huge roll, Rudy Giuliani is sucking wind, and Mitt Romney sounds like an automaton. And one more thing - the Republican party should listen to John McCain on torture ... Simply put, Mike Huckabee can turn out the base that has been sitting home for the last year.


It would be a mistake for Democrats to underestimate Huckabee…he's not a hater or a lunatic or a fool. He's personable, funny, and apparently for the most part a decent human being. I still think Obama would eat his lunch, but Huckabee v. HRC could be much too close for comfort.

I agree with all but Malkin. I think you have to be a GOP tool to think Romney did well. He creeped me out more thoroughly than ever before, and I kinda want to like him.