Clinton Uses The G-Word

As always, couched with others, but since I've razzed her for the usual cowardice on the subject (and expect nothing from her on gay rights if elected president), I should note it. But there is no comparison with Obama. Check out his candid response to Russert yesterday:

I've talked to African-American ministers. There's a problem of homophobia in the African-American community. I will go into churches, I will go into meetings with ministers and say, "I disagree with you on these issues. This is not how I interpret my faith." But the fact that we're having a conversation, I think, allows the possibly that I will change their minds, make them more tolerant of these issues.  They may not agree with me on this, but ultimately, it allows me to bridge some of the cultural divisions that have, I think, prevented us from making progress in this country for so long.

My italics. Clinton would never, ever say such a thing. Then this from Obama:

I would, as president, make absolutely certain that all federal laws pertaining to married couples [pertain to] same-sex couples who have civil unions as well.