Clinton, Pot, And My Mother

That headline should get some Diggits. A reader writes:

You do a fine job contrasting Ron Paul to HRC. Did you even take the time to listen to the first part of Ron Paul's video? The questioner states that Rudy and Mitt just turn their backs and walk away. HRC had the courtesy to listen to the question and answer it. Why didn't you present it as a contrast of Rudy/ Mitt and Ron?

It's become clear to me as I read your framed observations that HRC reminds you of your mother. Not the one your conscious mind presents but the unconscious one that you repress.  The one your shadow models that you deny. Yes you will delete this email and put me down for a partisan hack. One day when you're in therapy and you find the courage to explore those dark places you'll discover I was right.

Well, I have indeed blogged about Romney's indifference to the needs of the sick with respect to medical marijuana. And I have been in therapy for well over a decade. So far: no Hillary-mother free associations. But I'll keep you posted.