Christians vs Waterboarding

An evangelical vents:

How did we get to the point where such a question needs to be asked of an attorney general? Who allowed our country to succumb to such fear and moral cowardice that we parse the meaning and definition of "torture?"

I blame myself, and implicate my fellow Christians. We have remained silent and treated an issue once considered unthinkable--the acceptability of torture--like a concept worthy of honest debate. But there is no room for debate: torture is immoral and should be clearly and forcefully denounced. We continue to shame ourselves and our Creator by refusing to speak out against such outrages to human dignity.

The silence of many (but not all) Christians these past few years is just one of the prices of being coopted by political power. But many have spoken out. Their witness is necessary when the government practices something that is, by any Christian calculus, inherently and inescapably not just wrong - but evil.