Christianism Watch

"Mormons spend two years of their lives as missionaries, preaching an anti-Christian doctrine. I don’t want someone out there, if I can help it, who’s going to be acting on an anti-Christian faith as the basis of their decision-making," - Barbara Heki, 51, from Johnston, Iowa, a Huckabee supporter.

"I'm concerned a lot of Christians are thinking about the values issues and forgetting about the creator behind the values issues. I guess I feel like this country and this world needs a president who would be able to pray to the God of the Bible and he would be able to hear his prayers," - Glenda Gherkey, an evangelical from Evansdale, Iowa, on why she's supporting Huckabee.

When you see the abuse of religion in politics come back to haunt its architects, it's hard not to feel the deepest pleasure. Religious intolerance couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of cynics, could it?