Venezuela's answer to the YearlyKos convention.  One blogger explains why the Internet and Venezuelan politics seem to be a good match:

While the outside World thinks that Venezuela is heading for a “stranger” and “extreme” form of socialism never seen before, many people here don’t take things so seriously. The best virtue of a Venezuelan (also his worst defect) is that the people are happy here. Fewer people on the earth live as contentedly as those born in Simón Bolívar’s homeland. Maybe it’s the petroleum, the incredibly beautiful women (more than statistics), beer or rum, that helps make life incredibly more “relaxed” than in other countries. Even with the dizzying politics that currently has us trapped, we look for ways to continue to live, laugh, enjoy and party. And here as in other places, there are people who are more or less responsible for their actions. This uninhibited country has something that is difficult to copy and even less, explain.

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