Bhutto and the Islamists?

A discouraging outreach. Juan Cole isn't panicking:

Bhutto's stance against Musharraf has raised the possibility of an all-parties political alliance against him, and all the major parties are pledging to boycott the elections he has called for this winter. For his part, Musharraf for all the world like a Brian Love in uniform, accused Benazir of producing "bad vibes" and figured out that maybe she would now be difficult to work with.

Manan Ahmed voices sensible skepticism of Bhutto's democratic credentials. But at this point, as he concedes, she's more in touch with her country than Musharraf, no? And other leaders are in jail. American lawyers are organizing a peaceful protest to support the rule of law in Pakistan. Insert your Cheney joke here. Here's an interview with Imran Khan, just before he was thrown in jail: