An Iowan Independent On The Vegas Debate

More sympathetic to Obama - especially on social security. CafeHayek gives Krugman the boot here. Obama won the Kos vote too, for what it's worth. But Kucinich was a close second. A Las Vegan blogger has this take:

Obama's strongest moment was when he unpacked the disingenuousness of Clinton's Social Security triangulation by noting that only 6 percent of households have income of more than $97,500, so raising the cap on earnings that are taxed for Social Security would not touch the middle class, but the upper class. In the spin room later, Nevada state Sen. Steven Horsford, an Obama guy, predicted that the Social Security issue could become a "centerpiece" of the campaign going forward. That's probably a tad optimistic. But Obama is clearly right.

I still think he had a mediocre night. His drivers' license answer was beyond stupid. But I guess it's a sign he actually thinks he can win.