An Annapolis Joke

Blake Hounshell wonks out:

An Israeli and a Palestinian are watching a Western. In the movie, a cowboy is riding bareback on a particularly wild horse. The Israeli, being aggressive, says to the Palestinian, "I'll bet you 10 shekels he falls." The Palestinian, being impulsive, replies immediately, "I'll bet you he doesn't."

The cowboy falls, and the Palestinian forks over 10 shekels. The Israeli, feeling that famous Israeli guilt, refuses them. Then he admits, "I've seen this movie before."

The Palestinian replies, "So have I. But I thought he would learn from his mistake."

Hey, it kills them at Brookings. Still: not quite as good as my favorite Middle Eastern joke:

Q: Why do you never want to date an Israeli?

A: Because they always say they're going to pull out and they never do.

After Lebanon, maybe we should change that to "Republican".