America The Unfriendly, Ctd.

It may be worth noting that all the examples of brutal treatment I've aired on the Dish are occurring with respect to legal immigrants or tourists at airports. The trouble with the current immigration debate is that the anger at unrestricted illegal immigration across the Mexican border has been diverted in many cases to the legal immigrants who are actually trying to play by the rules and who bear the brunt of popular frustration. There is a huge difference between a gay couple trying legally to fly to and from, say, Europe and the thousands of illegal immigrants coming in illegally from Mexico. The same goes for all the H1 visas, or artistic or cultural exchanges which are also under siege. So the Dobbs rage often does nothing actually to stop the big illegal flow, while adding to the incredible frustrations, cruelties and indignities of legal immigrants or tourists or temporary visitors. I guess you take your anger out on those you can. But it is a form of anger; and it is affecting the image of the US; and it is preventing the good sort of legal immigrant from even trying.