America In Danger?

This reader understands why I fear what's coming:

You write:

The inference is: American liberty is over for a generation or two.

The reality is that it would be over, period.

I don't doubt Posner's assertion that the temper and culture of the U.S. couldn't sustain repeated terror attacks. I've always wondered how Israel manages to do that; anything like it here and it''d be full-on martial law. Could you imagine how cable news - Fox in particular - would report additional attacks? Fanning the flames, creating a population (or the image of one) "demanding" additional safeguards. Warrantless wiretapping, torture - we wouldn't be having these debates. We'd adopt it wholesale, and much more. And it would indeed be the end of freedom as we've known it.

I don't think Clinton would resist it. I think Giuliani would embrace it enthusiastically and be backed by Fox, whose creature he has been and will become. It's one reason I lean toward Paul and Obama. I think they are among the very few candidates who actually understand what civil liberty is.