A Third Secret Torture Memo?

The ACLU discovers another piece of withheld evidence of possible war crimes by members of the Bush-Cheney administration. We don't know what's in it yet, and a judge will begin adjudicating whether we will be able to find out one day. The memo was penned by Steven Bradbury. Money quote from Spencer Ackerman:

Of course, the sudden appearance of the 2005 Bradbury-supervised OLC memos raises the possibility that the administration is still hiding other torture memos. "We've always had that suspicion," ACLU attorney Jameel Jaffer says, explaining that the ACLU knows of "dozens" of torture documents yet to be released to the ACLU FOIA. Those, he says, include photos of prisoners "not from Abu Ghraib" subjected to brutal interrogations, as well as documents relevant to the CIA inspector-general inquiry into prisoner abuse by the CIA at Iraq and Afghanistan. (That inquiry was one of several that led General Mike Hayden, director of the CIA, to open an inquiry on the inspector general.)

So is the government acting in good faith? "I don't know. I just don't know," Jaffer says.

Cheney? Oh yes, we do. Oh yes, we do.