A reader writes:

It struck me the other day that Alan Keyes is running for president, and we've heard next to nothing from him since he announced that he was running. I did a little digging and found that it's not for lack of effort on his part. The two main factors that have contributed to his 'silence' are:

1) He has been denied the right to participate in the major GOP debates thus far.  How cowardly on the part of the GOP.  The only one he has been invited to so far was the one held in Baltimore a few weeks back. None of the major candidates even showed up (Ron Paul was the best known of the group).

2) The media hasn't reported on his campaign at all!  Fox spent weeks talking about Obama's lapel jewelry, but has done next to nothing on Keyes (a Republican). Even your blog has been very Keyes-lite.

I'm not supporting him for president, but having Alan Keyes not only in this race, but a vocal part of it, can only have great results for not only the party, but the nation.  He doesn't have a prayer to win, but his ability to sink into the stupidity. We need an intellectual rottweiler to thin out the pack, so lets let Keyes loose.

Get him on Colbert!

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