What The White House Removed

The CDC director gave Congressional testimony on the health effects of climate change last week. But her statement was cut from over 3,000 words to 1,500, omitting large parts of her prepared remarks. The Bushies' explanation:

White House press secretary Dana Perino said the prepared testimony went through an interagency review process and the Office of Science and Technology Policy did not believe that the science in the testimony matched the science that was in a report by the International Panel on Climate Change.

"She testified yesterday. Her spokesperson said that she was able to say everything she wanted to say," Perino said. "It was not watered down in terms of its science. It wasn't watered down in terms of the concerns that climate change raises for public health."

One blogger has put together the whole statement, highlighting in red what was taken out. See for yourself is you think Perino is full of it.