The Coming Ron Paul Media Blast

The NYT has the details: an upcoming $1.1 million ad blast in New Hampshire over the next six weeks. Of course, when you're a candidate like Paul, grassroots organizers have already been independently financing ads for you. Here's another one. Another independent group ThisNovember5th is a fundraising site. Over 10,000 people have signed up in less than a month. Watch Paul file in New Hampshire here. There are two reasons for his remarkable success so far: the Internet and the growing sense that this imperial presidency needs to be brought back to the vision of the Founders - both domestically and abroad. We have over-reached. He has the newest and the oldest campaign message there is: freedom matters. It is no surprise to me that the GOP establishment - now one of the most powerful forces against individual freedom in this country - is so panicked by his message. They should be.