The Case For Obama - Please

A reader writes:

At some point, can you lay out on your blog a comprehensive, substantive, issues-based argument for Obama? Thus far, you have touted him as the embodiment of a "new kind of politics," and I honestly do not know what you mean, beyond his platitudes. I also, for the life of me, am still having trouble understanding how a conservative like yourself would rally around a liberal like Obama? I could see you liking a more conservative Democrat, but Obama?

This is all reading very vague and squishy to me. We, regular readers of your blog, are somehow supposed to take it on faith that Obama "represents" change. But you have never really laid out a cogent --- again, issues-based --- argument for the man. You seem merely to be recycling his platitudes.

I mean, people who support Hillary or Edwards can spell out, in clear and comprehensive terms, why they like those candidates and their positions. With Obama, all we seem to get is mush, which is a HUGE reason why he is sinking in the polls and doing little more than drawing nice crowds.

The next issue of the Atlantic. The cover-story.