That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

It's in the Iowa base as well, it seems.

Clinton accused the man of being a plant who had been sent to ask the question, to which he took exception, saying the question was a result of his own research.

"I apologize," Clinton said, explaining that she had been asked the very same question in three other places.

The crowd applauded when the senator ended the back and forth by saying the two had a disagreement and offering to put Rolph in touch with her staff, who could provide him with the text of the legislation, which she suggested he had misunderstood.

That last is the real kicker. If you're not part of the VRWC, you are guilty of "misunderstanding". Every now and again, you get a glimpse of the real arrogance and condescension of Clinton, now wrapped in layer upon layer upon layer of focus group fakery and polished niceness. I'm not buying it. She is what she always was. But the artifice is now even more professional.