Targeting China


Here's something you can actually do about the continuing and harrowing crackdown on Burmese political and religious freedom. A group of activists have put together the funds for an ad (pictured above) in major papers, specifically Thursday's international edition of the Financial Times and the South China Morning Post, directly addressing the government of China's complicity in the brutal oppression in Burma. They write:

The strength of the ad comes from the number of petition signers listed – can we reach our goal of 1 million signatures this week? The link to sign the petition and view the ad is below, forward this email to all your friends and family!

That's where you can help. You can sign the online petition here. I know it isn't going to end the oppression. But it is one way to marshall global opinion against the thugs in that country, and perhaps pressure China into tackling the worst of the abuses. And what else can we do?