Ron Paul Finally Gets Some Respect

Nhtopzreps finally includes him on their New Hampshire polling chart, replacing Gingrich with the Texan constitutionalist. Now, that wasn't that hard, was it? He's basically at the same polling level as Huckabee, but with far more money and Internet support. Unlike Thompson and McCain, he isn't falling. Romney and Giuliani look pretty stable in New Hampshire. The BJU endorsement of Romney will help in the South, one presumes. The problem with Giuliani is that he will split the GOP (even though he remains the candidate most are excited about). Of course, that may be part of his attraction as well. If I weren't afraid of his hot-headed temperament, unreconstructed belligerence in foreign policy, and contempt for civil liberties, I'd be tempted. Just to rattle the GOP as it currently exists. But if he wins, his main advantage would be a Clinton candidacy. Whatever damage Giuliani does to GOP fundraising and unity, Clinton will repair it.

There is only one person who can rescue Republican fundraising, reunite the party, rally the base and win the presidency for the GOP. And you know who she is.