Revenge Fantasy

In Russia, internet spammers get assassinated:

Who hated Tolstokozhev so much as to hire a hit man to assasinate him? Well, I guess you have about one billion e-mail users to suspect. Tolstokozhev was a famous spammer who sent millions of e-mail promoting viagra, cialis, penis enlargement pills and other medications. Links in these e-mails usually led to some pharmacy shop, which paid Tolstokozhev a share of its revenue. This is a well known affiliate scheme employed by spammers worldwide. Tolstokozhev is estimated to be responsible for up to 30% percent of all viagra and penis enlargement related spam. … How profitable is spam? Well, the authorities say that Tolstokozhev has likely made more than $2 million in 2007 alone. (In comparison: average russian monthly salary is $400).

Jealousy? In today's mafia-run Russia, who knows? A rough translation of Tolstokozhev is "thick skin."