What is Mark Penn smoking, apart from complacency? He claims a quarter of Republican women will vote for Clinton. Drudge blared it in his new role as Clinton's publicity arm. WaPo points out that if this were to happen, Clinton

would significantly outperform any Democratic candidate since 1972 among this group of voters. In exit polls from 1972 to 2004, an average of 9 percent of GOP women voted for Democratic candidates...

In the latest Post-ABC poll, 80 percent of Republican women said they definitely would not support Clinton if she were the Democratic nominee. Fewer said so of Obama or Edwards. Only 11 percent said they would vote for her in a general election match-up against Rudy Giuliani.

11 percent? 24 percent? Who's counting? Obama adviser Joel Benenson adds:

In a recent Cook/RT Strategies Poll, in a head-to-head match-up against Rudy Giuliani, Clinton won only 7% of Republican women voters. Indeed, more Democratic women crossover to the Republican side to vote against Clinton9% - than Republican women crossover to vote for her.

The Clinton lies are already under way.

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