One Iowan Is Pissed At She Who Is Inevitable

My bet is she'll be calling him soon enough:

Much to my amazement, I found out that she certainly could have found 10 minutes for the voters of Harrison County at some point in the last four months.

According to the Washington Post, since July 30 Hillary Clinton has missed 42 votes in the U.S. Congress. That's right. Forty-two votes. Her job right now is campaigning to be the next President of the United States. It's not serving the people of New York.

Since January, 18 people running for President of our great country have granted me time over the phone - some, like Barack Obama, Tom Tancredo, Joe Biden and Tommy Thompson have even met with me in person. Sen. Clinton, my number is 712-216-0012. Call any time.

Heh. She's not president yet!