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"Sullivan was one of the very few conservatives who repudiated Bush and the Bush movement when Bush was still popular... The Conservative Soul highlights the true Tcs2 philosophical and psychological roots of the Bush movement - its first principles - and reveals just how rotted those fundamentalist roots are. It does this as well as, if not better than, any other book has done," - Glenn Greenwald, Salon.

"[Sullivan] is concerned with the essence of ideas less the parade of personalities and more the transformation of political discourse... Like a good conservative, he is concerned about loss, specifically the alarmingly rapid disappearance of a conservative tradition which could be reflected in different constellations by Eisenhower, Goldwater and Reagan almost immediately after it was being judged politically triumphant. Sullivan saw, earlier and far more keenly than most,
the rupture in American conservatism between the Theocons and the small-government, balanced-budget, personal-freedom conservatism that characterized Goldwater," - Scott Horton, Harper's.

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