Mukasey The Day After

Yes, the condemnations of torture were a relief. But, of course, on close reading in full context the day after, this reader is correct:

Just pretend it's Hillary Clinton testifying rather than a right-wing Republican. If it were, you'd be ranting and raving and comparing her to Josef Mengele by now. There are so many holes in his testimony that you could drive any kind of torture through them - as Bush most certainly will. That's why he was chosen.

He gave no commitment to ruling that the current interrogation techniques - clearly torture under the plain meaning of the law - will be regarded as such by the incoming attorney-general. But he seems clearly committed to the rule of law in the Goldsmith mold. Which means, one hopes, that the worst excesses might be contained. Look: what else can we do? The Congress cannot stop it - because Bush will simply add a signing statement saying the Congress is irrelevant. We're left with the AG.