Live-Blogging Bennett and Giuliani

Dave Weigel listens. This on Rudy:

It's not excruciating, but it's close. Giuliani clearly has a few applause lines embedded in this thing, and when he hits one he looks up very fleeting for some audience member who's finally come around. He's met with some scowling granny or a guy with his arms crossed over a Target-bought suit and tie.

From Dave's excerpts, Bennett seems even more shameless than usual:

This is amazing: Bennett's entire speech is crediting Screwtape with the perfidy of liberals and libertarians. Screwtape "might advise" us to do the litany of crimes assigned to Alan Colmes: Abiding by the Geneva conventions, inviting Ahmedenijad to Columbia, so on down the line.

Yep: he also uses the flag pin issue unironically against Obama. They will demagogue anything, won't they?