It's Stephen Colbert vs Ron Paul

Josh Green crunches the numbers on Stephen Colbert's presidential run in South Carolina and judges that his best bet is with the Republicans. Who will suffer the most from Colbert's entrance into the race? Drum roll, please:

I put Ron Paul in a separate category of "protest candidate," but he should be sweating, too. Paul’s supporters are among the most passionate and committed this cycle. But their profile is similar to that of  the voters Colbert might attract. (“Pot smokers,” a Republican consultant called them.) Anonymous presidential advisor: “If Colbert wants to do it he’s got to convert every young, semi-liberal Ron Paul supporter to the Colbert cause. If a young white male is going to vote, watches Comedy Central, and is internet savvy, chances are he’s a Ron Paul supporter.”

Suddenly my own demographic comes alarmingly into focus. Between Colbert and Paul, I really don't know which way to turn.