Hoisted by Stewart

Halfway through the Daily Show last night, after the Chris Matthews Show parody, I leaned over to Aaron and said: "I think they're making fun of me." They were. But that was nothing compared to Stewart's savaging of Chris in the interview segment. This was clearly a follow-up to his now-famous attack on Tucker Carlson, but at least Stewart did that on CNN. What he did to Matthews was pretty close to what Lee Bollinger did to Ahmadinejad - because he did it on his own show. Here's a link to the clip. Stewart was rude and over the top, but his aggression does come from a valid point, it seems to me. The way in which cable news and opinion shows have turned political commentary into the equivalent of sports commentary can, sooner rather than later, contribute to the sense that politics can never be about anything but process, and process is always about cynicism. That's corrosive. How we return to a more substantive and thoughtful coverage without tanking in ratings is a pretty tough call. But, hey, I'm a blogger.