Hillary No Matter What

A reader writes:

You show a billboard of the repulsive Hannity urging "Stop Hillary Now," and you see that as a force against the former first lady. Why can you not see how energizing such items are for Hillary? I like Obama, think he's said all the right things and avoided all potential pitfalls to date -- I could certainly make a case to myself that he is quite presidential and could be the healing force this country needs. But I will vote for Hillary no matter what. I'm as bothered as anybody about the concept of 3 decades of the Bush/Clinton dynasties. It is very possible that Edwards' plans for Iraq and healthcare could be more effective than Hillary's.

But I will vote for Hillary in the primary if Edwards and/or Obama walk on water. Why? Because the Hannitys and the Limbaughs and the Malkins  et. al. have made it their mission to stop her. I have voted in every election since 1981 and no vote I have ever cast would make me more proud than one I could use to foil the mission of that revolting scum. Andrew, I am not alone in this. The right wing ranters' audience already hates Clinton and she has already written them off. But the people that loathe the right wing ranters almost have to vote for Hillary specifically because of this scum's terror of her.

So you vote for Clinton entirely to stick it to the right. This is the logic of polarization as its own reward. It is faction and dynasty placed at the core of American politics - something the founders rightly feared would destroy a rational democratic polity. It is the toxin that won't go away. And when this country is attacked again and Clinton needs the trust and support of those who didn't vote for her? What will America do then?