Har Homa Again

Well, this is easily the most controversial window view I've ever published. I did due diligence in trying to figure out where it was exactly, and have decided to leave it at Jerusalem and remove the moniker Palestine. One reader objected here. Here's another reader:

Just a quick note since my nephew lives in Har Homa. It is beyond the Green Line which generally is considered Palestinian territory, subject to final negotiations , of course. It was built along with other settlements to provide an iron clad barrier of Jews around Jerusalem. It's purpose is to prevent the division of Jerusalem.

While your reader is correct that Har Homa falls within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, what he fails to admit to is those boundaries were expanded in various stages unilaterally by Israel between 1967 and 1993. These boundaries far, far, far exceed anything in the past and in fact extend right up to the city of Ramallah.

Har Homa is a settlement and that is how its residents feel about it. My nephew and his family moved there from Ariel with the express purpose of preventing the division of Jerusalem and preventing Palestinian access.