Green Conservatism

A new enviro-blog - from the center-right. Encouraging. Their mission statement:

More and more conservatives realize that the right solution for our biggest challenges - dependence on foreign oil, staying competitive in a challenging global economy, proper stewardship of creation, kick-starting America's rural/farm economy, acting smartly to address climate changes - can be found in creating new markets that serve both our environmental and economic needs. Conservatives get it: Markets and profits, not more government subsidies. Less moolah for mullahs. "Fear not" as opposed to fear-mongering.

That's what Terra Rossa is all about. It’s a forum where “red staters” agree on the power of the marketplace to meet our economic, national security and environmental goals. It’s where conservatives discuss the power of carbon markets to solve our biggest problems while avoiding government's worst ideas. It’s where free-market Republicans can help plow the ground for a new energy future to take seed and grow.

Check it out.