Giving Up Blogging

I tried once. I failed. This post is appearing on a Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend. And you keep enabling me. A 40 percent increase in traffic over last year is crack to hacks like me. Of course, I'm not alone:

Nearly as common as the abandoned blog is the "final comments before I reclaim my life" post. Followed by "an update to something I said in my final comments." And, "Well, I couldn't let this story go by." And on it goes.

One of the best resignation letters came from Alan Jacobs in Books & Culture. "Right now, and for the foreseeable future, the blogosphere is the friend of information but the enemy of thought," he wrote in "Goodbye, Blog" (May/June 2006). A year later, in addition to writing a regular column for Books & Culture, the Wheaton College literature professor blogs thoughtfully at two different sites.