Egypt Goes Nuclear

It seems to me that one issue we haven't fully dealt with is the intersection of climate change and the dangers of WMDs and terrorism. Eqypt's decision to embrace nuclear power brings this to mind. India is on the same track. Any real solution to our climate problems will surely involve building more nuclear power plants - and we should be doing more of that ourselves as well as encouraging many developing countries to do the same. But the knowledge behind nuclear reactors is very hard to insulate from the knowledge to make nuclear bombs. At some point, we really are going to have to rely on deterrence again. Deciding that every non-democracy, or state that could experience an Islamist take-over, cannot be allowed to get nukes is simply impractical. Like any sane person, I find the thought of the nutjobs in Tehran having nuclear know-how alarming. But it's surely no more alarming than what we found out about the abuse and dissemination of nuclear knowledge in Pakistan, and less imminent than the danger of an Islamist deployment of Pakistani nuclear technology.