Dissent of the Day

A reader writes:

Hillary won a term in the US Senate after spending a lifetime working in and around government. Yet you say that she would be nowhere had she not married Bill. Barack Obama has served one term in the US Senate. How exactly is he qualified and she unqualified?  Would he have risen so fast had he not been African-American? 

My answer to both questions is: WHO CARES??? I don't. I want the best possible president. I know that you, like so much of the entrenched media in DC, hate Hillary. But for most of the rest of us, we want the best possible president.  It matters less to me the color of someone's skin or the identity of his or her spouse than what he or she would do if elected president.

Please, Andrew, if the anti-Hillary stuff keeps up from you, I'm going to start having to call you "excitable." Though I guarantee that Mickey Kaus and Ann Coulter are cheering your attacks on Hillary.

Just for the record: I certainly don't believe that Hillary would be "nowhere" without Bill. She's extremely smart, able, intelligent and hard-working. She'd be president of a major college or a candidate for the Supreme Court if she hadn't mortgaged her principles to follow her husband to Arkansas and beyond. I doubt, however, that she would be the prohibitive front-runner for the presidency. I think she knows that too. Which is why she made the choices she did.