Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Why do you see it as some sort of hostility if an African-American decides not to endorse Obama? This is actually the subtle form of racism we still have to go through daily. All Blacks in their right mind have to go for the Black in the race. Do you have the same standards for any other group or any other race? Moreover, your little question if Bill got to him is as insulting as it gets. You mean an adult Black man cannot make a decision on his own? At least Bill O'Reilly 'recognized' a couple of days ago that "Blacks are starting to think for themselves". But I see we still have a long way to go.

John Lewis is a titan of the civil rights movement. Of course he can think for himself. But the Clintons still ruthelessly pressure those they can. And an endorsement at this stage from a man of Lewis's stature is more than an endorsement of Clinton. It's a racial body-blow to Obama. And it's not racist to recognize that. One of the more fascinating aspects of this race is the reluctance of so many African-Americans to support the most plausible black candidate for president in history.