Coulter and Christianity

Have you noticed that the long-legged bigot has been touting her Christianity lately? She knows where the market is, I guess. Michael Livingston argues:

She has dismissed most of the Bible and the words of Jesus defending the poor, the widow, the prisonerthe least among usand spewed her venom that has little or nothing to do with orthodox Christianity. But Ms. Coulter and her ilk are the ones to whom the media gives most of its attention.

He suggests that the media should shut her out. I don't think they can, although my respect for anyone on television actually inviting her on to spew more hatred is, shall we say, limited. In the end, I have faith that what she represents, apart from her own callow self-enrichment, will be seen for what it is. I'm with this guy:

So you keep on spewing, Ann Coulter. You keep right on saying all the detestable things you perhaps even believe, so that the average American can see the buffoonish and ugly face of the religio-political underside. And you, dear media, keep right on allowing her and her kind plenty of airtime and space with which to hang themselves.

As Mr. Livingston himself concedes, while seemingly missing the why, "There are some signs that the toxic message of the extreme right of American Christians may be faltering."

That's the beauty of media exposure. In time, it tends to devour the offensively unhinged.