Burma Stirs Again

After the hideous crackdown, it says a lot that some monks are marching in protest again:

More than 100 monks in Pakokku Township in Burma’s Magwe Division marched in a peaceful demonstration through the town on Wednesday morning. The monks paraded through the streets chanting the “Metta Sutta” (the Buddha’s words on loving kindness)...

On Wednesday, the monks started out at Pakokku's Shwegu Pagoda, marching for nearly an hour and chanting Buddhist prayers without incident, and then returned to their respective monasteries. Sources said many residents bowed before the protesting monks. The authorities did not intervene.

Speaking to The Irrawaddy by telephone from his hiding place last week, U Obhasa, a leading monk and one of four being hunted by the junta, said monk-led demonstrations could resume in Burma in late October. It could not be confirmed, however, whether Wednesday’s march in Pakokku was organized by the underground network of monks who describe themselves as the “Alliance of All Burma Buddhist Monks.”