Breaking The Narrative

A reader writes:

So, if we understand that Obama could very well be the "real deal" this country needs, how do common Americans wrest this election from the hands of the media and the punditocracy that is only interested in spinning a narrative? The "cackle" got more play than Obama's speech at DePaul. And this extends beyond just Obama. How can we convince reporters and pundits that we are far more interested in Ron Paul's fund raising coup (is Goldwater back?) than Rudy Giuliani taking a phone call in the middle of a NRA speech? Most people I speak to -- fellow early 30s -- are far more invested in substance over melodrama, but every night we turn on the 24-hour news networks or open a magazine, it seems more and more disgustingly apparent that the media is hellbent on a Clinton vs. Giuliani showdown.

That's what blogs are for, right? I'm going to keep noting the actual arguments of Paul and Obama and spend a little more time on their ideas than their jacket lapels. There's also something called primaries. Paul and Obama and even Edwards show how the Internet can trump MSM easy narratives. My feeling is that the more the MSM assume a Giuliani-Clinton boomer-bust-up next year, the more primary voters may feel cut out of the decision. And they might just rebel against being told what's inevitable. As for cable news programming, there's no hope, I fear. The producers are just craven in doing what's easy and what gets a quick ratings bump. So Hillary and Rudy it is. There's too much money and ratings to lose in any other match-up.