Blacks vs Obama

A reader writes:

I completely agree with your recent emailer. I am black, well educated (with three degrees in economics, political science about to graduate from law school). I take politics seriously, and I don't know many serious black people who support Obama. We are not impressed by his credentials - because we also have similar credentials. Will you and the media support David Vitter just because he went to Harvard Law School? Or Elaine Chao because she has an MBA from Harvard. The racism - I fear is on the foot of those knee-jerk liberals and ex-Neo cons who are flocking to Obamamania. Obama is simply NOT a serious person. Ron Paul, yes. But not Obama. Obama is no Colin Powell. Does he even qualify to be CEO of a major American corporation, let alone President of these United States.

By the way what major policy reform has Obama proposed anyway? If he is really incensed about Iraq, why doesn't he stage a filibuster? Has he not watched "Mr Smith Goes to Washington." Hillary might be a closet conservative, but at least she is not pretending that she is the only Ivy leagued educated woman in America.

It's only fair to point out that Obama has presented serious, complex initiatives on healthcare, energy, the environment, taxes and the war. But I am struck by the hostility toward him from some African-Americans. The reasons for it may be as fascinating as they are poorly understood.