Another Boomer Election War?

They can't help themselves, can they? One of the enduring reasons for cultural polarization in America is that the baby-boomer generation keeps reliving the same, exhausted squabbles they've been fighting since Vietnam. Bush vs Gore and Bush vs Kerry were really re-matches of 1968 all over again. If you want one more round of boomer conflict, you couldn't do better than a Clinton-Giuliani match-up, could you? The nastiest alums of that period reunited to fight each other into the ground, with almost four decades of grudges to settle. Today, Rudy accused Clinton of being like McGovern. Yep: that's what we need. Another re-hash of that exhausted paradigm. But, hey, the Washington establishment has already decided the primaries: it's Clinton vs Giuliani. So it's McGovern and Nixon again. Do I have to remind Democrats who won that battle? And why there's no one the GOP wants more as the Democratic nominee than Hillary?