An Atlantic Blog-Fight

Our editor has urged us to debate one another. And so it comes to pass:

The trouble, of course, is that Jeffrey Goldberg has no particular interest in the political enfranchisement of American Jews as such. He's not talking about empowering Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein and Eric Alterman and Harold Meyerson and Josh Marshall and MJ Rosenberg and Daniel Levy. He's talking about empowering Jeffrey Goldberg and Alan Dershowitz and Martin Peretz and Charles Krauthammer. Which is fine. Obviously, you'd expect Goldberg to want to see people who agree with him empowered vis-à-vis those who disagree with him, but this has nothing to do with empowering "the Jews" and everything to do with empowering some Jews whose ideas have not, over the years, served the United States or Israel very well.

Josh Marshall is Jewish?

Here is Jeffrey's review of Walt and Mearsheimer. I'm traveling in Missouri and haven't had time to read it. Will do soon. Everything Jeffrey writes is worth reading.