Yeah, Mr President, you're right about that. Including Guantanamo Bay. Another blogger is more generous:

Did he introduce any great new measure that will lead directly to the fall of the regime? No, not really. But he explained what needs to happen for that fall to happen. The free world needs to rally around the opposition in Cuba. Did he say anything new? Not really. Everything he said has been said on this blog and others and in other venues at some point or another. But periodically you need a reaffirmation, a charge to the old batteries.

You'll remember that in 1987, with only slightly more time left in office than President Bush has now, that Reagan's speech was not considered to be earth-shattering. Especially by his critics. The imminent end of the Soviet Union was not an event that many were forecasting. But today, that speech stands as one of Reagan's finest moments. When he reiterated to the world what they already knew but were unwilling to recognize. That freedom must triumph over tyranny and that the United States would always stand on the side of freedom.

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