A Royal Birthday

Former president Bill Clinton uses DCCC email to urge all those loyal to the royal family to send his wife, the Senator from New York, birthday wishes on her 60th birthday:

In 36 years, Hillary and I have shared a lot of birthdays, and each year I'm amazed at everything she has accomplished. This is a very special year: we're celebrating Hillary's 60th, and I hope you'll join me in sending her a birthday message, sharing your wishes for her and your hopes for the coming year.

I'll make sure to share your message with Hillary. And please encourage your friends and family to send their messages as well.

You can see my birthday message to Hillary and add your own here:
Click here to sign the card

I know how happy Hillary will be to hear from you on her birthday. Thank you for helping me to make her day special.


Bill Clinton

And so, in the middle of a primary campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sends out a message from a former president touting everything one candidate has accomplished, who happens to be his wife. You think a former president would be using the DCCC to send birthday wishes to any other of the candidates? You think the DCCC would let him? And so our pseudo-monarchy deepens. Imagine the pardons when both of them can dole them out as Queen and Prince Consort.