A Huckabee Landslide


David Brody has a pretty important post on the FRC poll. It turns out that Ron Paul's strong showing, as often, is related to the Internet. The onsite straw poll shows something quite remarkable: a landslide for Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee     488 ...    51.26%
Mitt Romney          99 ...     10.40%
Fred Thompson      77 ...       8.09 %
Tom Tancredo       65     ...   6.83 %

Romney is the man the Christianist elites thinks has the best shot; but the rank and file like Huckabee, a man who does not believe that human beings evolved from apes. Brody:

Huckabee is poised now to really take off. Why? Two words: Sam Brownback. With Brownback out of the race, many of the votes may go to Huckabee. That could translate into some marginally better poll numbers. Plus, Huckabee can claim victory here and go around the country saying that social conservatives have spoken and that he’s the guy. Romney will make that same claim but don't tell me for a second that the onsite margin differential doesn't have some in the campaign concerned. Maybe because Huckabee is financially challenged, they're not too worried.

Meanwhile, Lowry swoons for a protectionist:

Wow. Let me repeat: Wow. What an incredible communicator. His message has gotten stronger with the accent on Buchanesque nationalist/protectionist notes, and he speaks the language of these kind of voters better than anyone. I found myself getting goose-bumps near the end of his speech when he invoked a long series of Biblical underdogs, beginning with David and his five smooth stones. He made as strong a case as possible for putting all pragmatic considerations aside and going with him. And no one could mistake the shots at Romney, including a reference to candidates who have as many positions as Elvis had sizes to his waist-band. Watch out in Iowa.

(Photo: Stephanie Kuykendal/Getty.)