A Generational Struggle

A reader writes:

In response to your reader who feels the reason Obama isn't gaining traction with establishment Dems is race, I think it's a whole lot more simple than latent racism or anything at all to do with race.

The establishment Dems are made up of baby boomers ... of which I am one.  Like many other things my generation loves, power is utmost.

Obama represents youth and a consequent loss of control for my generation.  Kennedy faced the same turn the page hurdles with the added complication of being Catholic.  Obama's complication is being black but he represents that same generational passing of the torch.

Make no mistake, this is about control and power.  My generation will likely not give up either without one whale of a fight.  Watch HRC's dismissive demeanor when she puts him down...just as a mother might to a wayward, troublesome son.

I will thankfully be voting to rid DC of my generation.  We have so many old grudges that were never resolved, it's time to turn the reins over to the young for some fresh thought, fresh innovation and fresh hope.  My generation burned all theirs out.