"Vee do eet forr Meat. Meat Rrromney."

Belly-dancers perform for the Utah Federation of Republican Women. I'm really not making this up:

Barking exotic-sounding nonsense at her drummer, Yasamina demonstrates an undulation, a difficult move even for a practised dancer. A few women follow stiffly along; most remain frozen.

“All right,” she sighs, nearly losing her accent, “Who ees ay sexy Rrepooblicahn?” The women exchange sideways glances, then mumble in unison: “Mitt Romney.” ...

What is belly dancing doing in Utah, where the Mormon church bars “moves that are suggestive of sexual behavior,” where many people don “armor of God,” an undergarment they are not allowed to take off, where I am one of the few Arabs anyone has ever seen? Though its origins in the state are unclear, its appeal is strong. For a Latter-day Saint, belly dancing can be a form of rebellion. For non-lds women, it’s a way to make friends in a place where community outside of the church can be difficult to find.

Is this a great campaign, or what?