The Wedding Pics

They came today, and since many of you have asked to see a few, here are a handful. Seeing them again reminds me of the dreamy dusk and night that we chose - a full moon over the water, and family and friends-who-are-family sending the love right back at us. This was not - repeat not - a political event. But it took politics to get past politics, and to see this movement we are a part of as a human endeavor to bring love and civility and family into lives that have sometimes been denied all of the above.  We were denied no love that night, and received so much support and kindness and affirmation that we're still a little giddy. It was more than I ever expected, in a place I love, with people who love both Aaron and me.


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A huge thank you to those friends who made this possible. To Steve Frappolli who did the food, Michael Stuetz, who took the photos and who can be reached here, Frankie Rice for the astonishing driftwood arbor (, Liz Lovati of Angel Foods for the cake, and Bryan Rafanelli, who created the entire dream. If you want an event that somehow transcends your highest expectations, hire him.