The Restroom and the Airport

Maybe there's nothing salient here, if this reader is correct:

I don't have specific information about Craig's flights, but as a lifelong Minneapolitan, I've got some informed speculation.

The bathroom Craig was busted in is, as I understand it, the men's room in the Northstar Crossing "mall" in the middle of the airport. This is the main terminal off of which all the concourses branch. It's the area marked as M on this map. I'm assuming the bathroom in question is the one smack in the middle of this area.

Now, I'm guessing he flies direct to and from Boise, which would likely be a smallish Frontier Airlines flight operated out at the end of concourse G or C (or in the sub-concourses A or B). Meanwhile, flights to and from Washington would be further in, but could be on any concourse. So it's really a toss-up as to whether this bathroom is out of the way or not. Most people changing concourses would pass by it, and if he had enough of a layover, he could conceivably have gone to the Northstar Crossing for shopping or the food court. So I think the itinerary/route question may be a non-starter, unless a more solid timetable is obtained.